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Lab Members: Founder & Emeritus Psychologist

Yitzchak (Irv) M. Binik, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)

Curriculum Vitae (PDF 668K)

Professor of Psychology, McGill University
Founder and Emeritus Psychologist, Sex and Couple Therapy Service,
McGill University Health Center (Royal Victoria Hospital)

Telephone: (514) 398-6095

Research Interests:

Sexuality, Health Psychology, Pain

Mentions :

2007 Masters and Johnson Award for lifetime achievement, Society for Sex Therapy and Research

2004 Distinguished Contribution to Professional Psychology, Canadian Psychological Association

Recent publications:

Parada, M., D'Amours, T., Amsel, R., Pink, L., Gordon, A., & Binik, Y. M. (2015). Clitorodynia: A descriptive study of clitoral pain. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 12(8), 1772-1780.

Lahaie, M. A., Amsel, R., Khalife, S., Boyer, S., Faaborg-Andersen, M., & Binik, Y.M. (2015). Can Fear, Pain and Muscle Tension Discriminate Vaginismus from Dyspareunia/PVD? Implications for the new DSM-5 category of Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 44(6), 1537-1550.

Binik, Y. M. & Hall, K. S. K. (Eds.). (2014). Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy. 5th Edition. New York: Guilford.

Sarin, S., Amsel, R., & Binik, Y. M. (2014). How Hot is He? A psychophysiological and psychosocial examination of the arousal patterns of sexually functional and dysfunctional men. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 11(17), 1725-1740.

Davis, S.N., Bergeron, S., Bois, K., Sadikaj, G., Binik, Y.M., & Steben, M. (2014). A prospective, two-year examination of cognitive and behavioral predictors of provoked vestibulodynia outcomes. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 31(4), 333-341.

Farmer, M., Leja, A., Foxen-Craft, E., Chan, l., MacIntyre, L., Niaki, T., Chen, M., Mapplebeck, J., Tabry, V., Topham, L., Sukosd, M., Binik, Y., Pfaus, J., Mogil, J. (2014). Pain reduces sexual motivation in female but not male mice. Journal of Neuroscience, 34(17), 5747-5753.

Binik, Y. M. (2014). Will vaginismus remain a "lifelong" baby? Response to Reissing et al. 2014. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 43(5), 1215-1217.

Davis, S. N., Binik, Y. M., Amsel, R., & Carrier, S. (2013). A subtypes based analysis of Urological Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome in men. Journal of Urology. 190(1), 118-123.

Sarin, S., & Binik, Y.M. (2013). Disentangling sexual desire and arousal: A Classificatory Conundrum. Archives of Sexual Behavior. 42(6), 1079-1100.

Davis, S. N., Binik, Y. M., Amsel, R., & Carrier, S. (2013). The Index of Male Genital Image: A New Scale to Assess Male Genital Satisfaction. Journal of Urology. 190(4), 1335-1339.

Paterson, L., Binik, Y.M., & Amsel, R. (2013). Pleasure and Pain: The effect of (almost) having an orgasm on genital and non-genital sensitivity. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 10, 1531-1544.

Davis, S.N.P., Binik, Y.M., Carrier, S., Amsel, R (2013). Is A Sexual Dysfunction Domain Important for Quality of Life in Men with UCPPS? Signs "UPOINT" to Yes. The Journal of Urology, 189(1), 146-151.

Recent Research Grants:
Dyspareunia: Is it a Women's Problem? (2012-2015).
Canadian Institutes of Health Research, $310, 500
Role: Principal Investigator

Where is vulvar pain in the brain? The central representation of sensory and subjective perception of pain in provoked vestibulodynia, (2011-2012).
National Vulvodynia Association, $21, 900
Role: Principal Investigator

Male Dyspareunia: Vive La Difference? (2011-2012).
Canadian Institutes of Health Research, $96, 184
Role: Principal Investigator

Psychosocial predictors of vulvodynia: A prospective study, (2009-2012).
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, $117, 287
Role: Co-Investigator (PI. is S. Bergeron, U of Montreal)

Dyadic predictors of pain and related psychosexual impairment in women with vulvodynia: A prospective investigation, (2008-2012).
Canadian Institutes of Health Research, $239,950
Role: Co-investigator ( PI is S. Bergeron , U of Montreal)

Sexual Pain is not that Sexy: A Multidimensional but Pain Focused Model,(2005-2010).
Canadian Institutes of Health Research, $703,000.
Role: Principal Investigator


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