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Lab Members: Post Doctoral Fellow

Mayte Parada, Ph.D.


Research Interests:

Neural correlates of sexual arousal and the concordance between physiological and subjective sexual arousal to visual sexual stimuli. Characterization of Clitorodynia; an understudied sexual pain syndrome.
Selected Publications:
Parada, M., D'Amours, T., Amsel, R., Pink, L., Gordon, A., & Binik, Y. M. (2015). Clitorodynia: A descriptive study of clitoral pain. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 12(8), 1772-1780.

Parada, M., Jafari, N., Pfaus, J.G. (2013). Sexual experience blocks the ability of clitoral stimulation to induce a conditioned place preference in the rat. Physiology and behavior, 119, 97-102.

Parada, M., Vargas, E.B., Kyres, M., Burnside, K., Pfaus, J.G. (2012). The role of ovarian hormones in sexual reward states of the female rat. Hormones and behavior, 62, 442-447.

Parada, M., Abdul Ahad, F., Censi, S., Sparks, L., Pfaus, J.G. (2011). Context alters the ability of clitoral stimulation to induce a sexually-conditioned partner preference in the rat. Hormones and behavior, 59, 520-527.

Parada, M., Chamas, L., Censi, S., Coria-Avila, G., Pfaus, J.G. (2010). Clitoral stimulation induces conditioned place preference and Fos activation in the rat. Hormones and behavior, 57, 112-188.

Lab Members: Post Doctoral Fellow

Michael Berry, Ph.D.


Research Interests:

Sexual behaviour, and the biopsychosocial treatment of sexual dysfunctions. Use of pornography, and the etiology and treatment of "pornography addiction," particularly in young men. The link between pornography use, and measures of impulsivity and compulsivity. Multiple orgasms, and the individual and contextual factors that increase and decrease their likelihood of occurrence.
Selected Publications:
Berry, M. & Berry, P. (2014). Integrative Approaches to the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Current Sexual Health Reports, DOI: 10.1007/s11930-014-0012-z

Berry, M. & Barker, M. (2014). Extraordinary Interventions for Extraordinary Clients: Existential Sex Therapy and Polyamory. Sexual and Relationship Therapy. 29(1), 21-30.

Berry, M. & Berry, P. (2013). Mentalization-Based Therapy for Sex Addiction: Foundations for a Clinical Model. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, DOI: 10.1080/14681994.2013.856516

Berry, M. & Berry, P. (2013). Contemporary Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction: Re-examining the Biopsychosocial Model. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 10(11), 2627-2643.


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