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Research: The Laboratory

The Laboratory Environment

The Laboratory for the Biopsychosocial Study of Sexuality is located in the south block of the Stewart Biology Building on the 3rd floor in rooms S3/16, S3/17 and S3/18.

Experimental Room

The experimental room includes a gynecological table equipped with leg supports, as well as a seating area where participants can complete questionnaires or be interviewed.


Sample Laboratory Equipment

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging involves recording temperature remotely via a camera. Genital temperature reflects blood flow which is thought to be the physiological basis for sexual arousal.


The vulvalgesiometer was developed by Dr. Caroline Pukall during her doctoral research at McGill University to measure pain thresholds in the genital area. (PDF 10-1514K)

Vaginal Photoplethysmograph

The vaginal photoplethysmography is a clear acrylic, tampon-shaped device that is used to monitor vaginal blood flow.

Labial Thermistor

The labial thermistor clip provides an excellent option for the physiological measurement of female sexual arousal. In her doctoral research, Kimberly Payne recently demonstrated that the labial thermistor clip is an impressive and simple option for the physiological measurement of female sexual arousal. (PDF 22-128K)


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